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Number Publicly available title In the name of Area of applicationDate of publication Status
133157Flexible PCB solar cell interconnectionwww.mitosolar.comEnergy and environment; Engineering; 13-08-2021Completely publicly available
112977Concept Divorce short stay hotelDanielle Witmont h.o.d.n. DW HousingOthers30-08-2018Completely publicly available
135527   05-02-2022Publication withdrawn
107792Fiscale revolutie diverse delen, 4a is de vermogensmutatiebelastingWTS worldtaxsystem.comArchitecture and design (incl. of products); Energy and environment; Finance and legal; Others; 17-10-2017Partly publicly available
130502FingerCleanROLAND MICHELDomestic articles (furniture, appliances,...); 15-03-2021Partly publicly available
138848EKA kruk / tafeltjeHaas architectenbureau bvArchitecture and design (incl. of products)22-10-2022Partly publicly available
105072   25-07-2017Publication withdrawn
133137Pic-To-Lamp - 3D Printed Picture LampPrintPlace BVFast-moving consumer goods; Lighting and heating; 23-09-2022Partly publicly available
102623   08-12-2016Publication withdrawn
137976F and MFrancois ChatellierAudio and video (incl. photography and cinematography)18-08-2022Partly publicly available
126947BESLIS GOED Nudging for ethicsCaroline Raat d.b.a. Recht en RaatFinance and legal; ICT and telecommunication (incl. computer programming, software and hardware); Education; Others; 29-07-2020Partly publicly available
52465Flight of the Photon 2/3 (Stardrive)Ronald van KemenadeChemistry; Engineering; Nano-technology; 29-12-2016Completely publicly available
123572Phirus, the gameYX Company B.V.Entertainment & sports (games, cultural activities,...); ICT and telecommunication (incl. computer programming, software and hardware); Health & life-saving (incl. pharmaceuticals); Life sciences and biotechnology; Education; Others; 11-05-2020Partly publicly available
55039Proteine, mineralen sport.Marc TegelaersMarketing, advertising and sales; 06-09-2017Completely publicly available
104056   28-09-2017Publication withdrawn
137005Herbal products product rangeNICULAE NICUSORHealth & life-saving (incl. pharmaceuticals)01-08-2022Completely publicly available
106481TaktilaStudio XploEntertainment & sports (games, cultural activities,...); Arts and literature; Education; Textiles and treatement of textiles; Others; 09-02-2018Completely publicly available
114202BRAINSTEM mascot and sloganWelzyn SLEntertainment & sports (games, cultural activities,...); Health & life-saving (incl. pharmaceuticals); Others; 12-11-2018Completely publicly available
32155   01-12-2016Publication withdrawn
129395The Oxygen machineMihai NiculescuEnergy and environment; Engineering; Domestic articles (furniture, appliances,...); Health & life-saving (incl. pharmaceuticals); Agriculture and horticulture; Life sciences and biotechnology; 22-12-2020Completely publicly available
126875FICH” (Fibrosis Index Chronic Hepatitis) SCORES FOR EVALUATING FIBROSIS IN CHRONIC VIRAL HEPATITISEfrem Ion-Cristian Ion-CristianHealth & life-saving (incl. pharmaceuticals)03-08-2020Completely publicly available
11102225-in-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 etc. Space-Velo'sRene Guy Valentijn van der VoortVehicles & transportation (incl. storage of goods)21-04-2018Completely publicly available
102465   01-12-2016Publication withdrawn
133669Middleverse: Play-To-Earn Blockchain GameAndres A GarciaEntertainment & sports (games, cultural activities,...); 18-11-2021Completely publicly available
129018éclairage spécifique d'un bâtiment selon le modèle n° 88807-01Stéphane DidierArchitecture and design (incl. of products)16-12-2020Completely publicly available